About Doug

I’m an award-winning personal trainer, best-selling author, speaker and recovery fitness expert. But, something important is missing…. You see, those credentials and accolades are not what define me. In fact, the two words I use to describe myself aren’t even on that list. I am a Transformation Coach (powerful, I know). In fact, it’s my own transformation that led me here…

I am a former felon and drug addict, and I was sentenced to years in jail due to my poor decisions and habits. But, I came out of that cell stronger physically, mentally and spiritually than ever before. I credit my transformation to the incredible combination of faith, family and fitness. Those three irreplaceable things have exponentially impacted my career, life and most of all, my relationship with MYSELF and God. The best part? My personal transformation from felon to coach has taught me how to motivate, inspire and coach others to defeat their own demons and experience life-changing transformations too.

After helping hundreds of people improve their lives through my coaching, I found a need to spread my message on a larger scale. I decided to unveil the details and lessons behind my transformation when I published my first book, “From Felony to Fitness to Free,” in 2014. I penned those pages to inspire people like you to turn negatives into positives and to remember how far you’ve come rather than how far you have to go. If I can do it, so can you.

Two years later, I released my second book, “Faith Family Fitness,” to inspire self-confidence and positivity in others by helping them grow closer to God, strengthen their beliefs and surround themselves with the BEST people, places and things to stay mentally, physically and spiritually fit. Faith, family and fitness is what got me here, after all.

Thanks to my unique message and methods, I’ve been fortunate to have appeared on stations like WBAL, WJZ, ABC and FOX 45. I’ve also been showcased in publications such as the Baltimore Sun, PFP Magazine and Towson Times, and was even voted as one of Baltimore’s 12 Fitness Heroes (2015). I firmly believe with the genuine abilities to be passionate, caring and loyal in everything that you do, you can live a purposeful, prosperous and fulfilling life. Will it require a transformation? Of course. But that’s what I’m here for! If you’re struggling physically, mentally or spiritually, you need to transform. So, let me ask you this: Are you ready to transform? If you’re committed to change, contact me directly at (410) 908-8298 or I will help you.