About Doug

Doug Bopst is an award-winning personal trainer, author, speaker and business owner. Those credentials and accolades are a result of his own transformation. He is a former felon and drug addict, sentenced to years in jail due to his poor decisions. He chose to use that time locked in a small cell to beat his demons and reinvent himself thanks to a combination of faith, family and fitness.

He has helped hundreds of people improve their health and wellness. Todd Durkin, celebrity trainer and Owner of Men’s Health Top rated gyms raves:

“Doug Bopst is one of the most passionate, inspiring and driven men I know. His life story epitomizes the overcoming adversity mentality. If you are looking for a massive shift or transformation of body, mind, spirit, or habit, I can’t recommend Doug and his program enough. His passion is evident. His purpose is profound. And he will undoubtedly positively IMPACT you!”


He is the author of two books: “From Felony to Fitness to Free,” written to inspire people that they too can turn a negative into a positive and to make the most of their second chance as well as “Faith Family Fitness,” to encourage readers to grow closer to God, believe in themselves and surround themselves with the BEST and to stay mentally, physically and spiritually fit.

He has appeared on WBAL, WJZ, ABC and FOX 45, as well as been a recurring guest on National Substance Abuse Expert Mike Gimbels “Straight Talk” show discussing fitness for addiction recovery.. He’s also been featured in the Baltimore Sun, PFP Magazine, Towson Times and voted as one of Baltimores 12 Fitness Heroes in 2015.

In late 2015, he partnered with the Maryland Addiction Recovery Center in Towson, a well established and reputable treatment center. There he launched a fitness program where he trains patients, ending each workout with a 10-15 minute motivational talk on “life.”

Zach Snitzer, Co-Founder of the Maryland Addiction Recovery Center says:

“Doug’s passion and drive are infectious, which was why he was such a great addition to the team here at Maryland Addiction Recovery Center. MARC believes in a holistic approach to treating addiction; an approach that incorporates mind, body and spirit. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of exercise and fitness for someone who is getting clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. Not just the physical wellness piece but also the discipline and the abilities to set and achieve goals.”

He’s now on a crusade to help end the current drug epidemic, traveling around sharing his story to inspire those of all ages that they too can overcome addiction.

Frank Kelly III, CEO, Kelly & Associates Insurance Group had this to say:

“Doug shared his powerful story with our Calvert Hall FCA Huddle and you could hear a pin drop. He was humble, honest, compelling and his message of pain, failure and redemption really hit home with everyone in attendance.”

He is currently working on his third book showcasing the unique stories, tips, and advice of many of the world’s most-inspiring sober individuals. The book is going to be a collection of interviews from the famous to infamous reflecting all different views of “sobriety and recovery,” to inspire hope and courage people to get sober and stay sober in whatever way works for them.

Doug Bopst

Owner, Doug Bopst Fitness, LLC
Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach
ACE Certified Behavior Change Specialist
Best Selling Author of “Faith Family Fitness”
2015 Baltimore Sun Fitness Hero