Doug Bopst is one of the most passionate, inspiring and driven men I know. His life story epitomizes the overcoming-adversity mentality. If you are looking for a massive shift or transformation of body, mind, spirit or habit, I can’t recommend Doug and his program enough. His passion is evident. His purpose is profound. And he will undoubtedly positively IMPACT you!

– Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

I think Doug is the best trainer because he has motivated me to become not only a better athlete but also a better person. His story has inspired many and is a great positive influence in his clients’ lives.

– Evan Paterakis

Doug has really made the most of his second chance. It’s almost like fitness saved his life and now he’s saving others through fitness. I think he’s come full circle. He’s always there to pick you up if you’re feeling frustrated and remind you how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go.

– Penny Comeau

I have been working out with Doug for several years. I now have a whole new level of energy that helps me out in my daily life. I used to dread exercising but Doug has showed me a new passion for a healthier lifestyle.

– Tricia Thomas

Not only is this man my favorite trainer, he is also a life saver to me. Doug Bopst from the Mac Express in Hunt Valley knows me well. He understands the importance of me keeping fitness in my life not only from the physical, weight losing “in good-shape” aspect, but also from a mental health standpoint. Doug understands that for me getting to the gym can be the difference in my mood for not only the few hours after, but the whole entirety of the day. He understands the mental health struggles I have had and puts himself as a friend first. If I show up to the gym for a PT appointment and I’m upset about something, we talk it through as I work out. I have found that the best personal trainers are not the ones who can push you the hardest or make you look the best. Instead, they are like Doug Bopst: The ones who know your limits, know your personality and can change your attitude towards the gym in a friendly manner while granting motivation at a deep level.

– Happy Client

He is a great motivator and keeps my workouts always fresh and challenging. He knows what my limitations are as well as what I need. Also he has faced challenges in his own personal life and did a great turn around. He authored a book from felony to fitness (that is his story).

– Charlene Diamond

I have been working out with Doug as my personal trainer since January of 2013, 3 one hour sessions per week. When I first came to Doug, I was 63 years old and recovering from an almost fatal blood disease called TTP. I was very weak and felt like I had lost a lot of ground in stamina and strength. To make a long story short, I traveled to Bhutan last Sept. and climbed in the Himalayas, one day from 7000 to 11000 ft. in 2 hours. Enough said about my trainer Doug.My progress has been continuous and subtle. Doug has a variety of equipment and exercises so I never feel bored. He is a very comfortable person to be with and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of his clients. His self discipline with his own exercise and healthy lifestyle are inspiring.In summary, I give Doug high marks. He is an important person in my life.

– Joyce McCormick

I’ve literally been to almost every training facility in Baltimore county in the hopes that I would find the one place to keep me coming back for more. In the past, I would give it three months and quit, because I was bored or not entertained. With Doug, he elps keep me motivated to stay committed for the long run. I’m going on a year now and in the best shape of my life. I love the people, the music and now I look forward to working out!

– Tracey Rosa

I met Doug through my husband who had been working out with him and getting great results! Steve couldn’t stop talking about his trainer and what a great guy Doug was: he was motivational, inspirational and a good trainer. He is a trainer who is concerned about all aspects of your well being. After discussing my fitness goals with Doug, including my diet and other exercise workouts that I was doing, he and I decided that a Boot Camp style workout would be better suited to help me reach my overall fitness goals. So, along with the training, Doug and I also discussed my diet and overall nutrition. He will even let you know what the best menu item would be to eat at a restaurant if you text him where you are eating. He is like another member of our family, he has trained my kids, my mom, my husband, he dogs sits our dogs and even runs them at the dog park. I couldn’t be happier that I train with Doug and that he is an integral part of our family.

– Debbie Thacker

I got started with Doug as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. My wife, who was already working out with him, thought it would be good for me. Boy was she right! Doug has been fantastic— tough but positive— making getting back in shape a great experience. Don’t wait; get started today!

– Rob Jensen